Founded in 2007, Boutique Air is an FAA-certified air carrier providing both scheduled and charter air service. At Boutique Air, we provide a genuine first-class experience for an economic price, making you feel at home. With a modern fleet of both Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12 and Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft, you will fly in a luxurious cabin and in a plane known for its world-class safety rating. Amenities feature reclining leather seats, power outlets, a pressurized cabin, and fly at top speeds of 300 mph. With us, convenience and elegance is at your fingertips. The airline services routes in Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.


Executive Team

Shawn Simpson

Prior to founding Boutique Air, Mr. Simpson worked for Google where he helped build large scale computing infrastructure. He has also held positions at website hosting company Xoom.com (a dot bomb) and the Geographic Information System organization, GreenInfo Network. Mr. Simpson attended the University of California, Santa Cruz where he graduated with degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies.

Matt Dupont
Director of Engineering

Mr. Dupont is responsible for the strategy, operations, and development of Boutique Air’s technology platforms and infrastructure. He joined Boutique Air with academic research background in aviation operations research, with a focus on NASA/FAA NextGen’s performance evaluation. Mr. Dupont holds a Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an Aeronautical Engineering degree from France’s National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC). Mr. Dupont has been with Boutique Air since the very beginning, having started as an intern in 2010.

Chad Frampton
Director of Operations

Captain Frampton oversees the operations of Boutique Air to ensure they are safe and legal. He has been with Boutique Air since 2014 serving previously as the Assistant Chief Pilot, Instructor and Check Airman. Captain Frampton has over 17 years in aviation and began his professional career in 2007 flying CRJ’s and Q-400’s with Mesaba Airlines (now known as Endeavor Airlines). He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor degree in Aviation Sciences and a minor in Finance.

Brian Murphy
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Murphy oversees all of Boutique Air’s business operations, including EAS bids, new aircraft acquisition, company-wide hiring, and executive reporting. Prior to officially joining the team in 2015, Brian had been helping Boutique with charter and business plans since 2010. Before Boutique Air, Brian acquired extensive experience in business development. Brian is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and attended the University of Southern California where he obtained his bachelor’s degree and MBA in Business Administration.

Cris Owens
Director of Maintenance

Mr. Owens oversees all of Boutique Air’s maintenance activities, including line and base maintenance functions, aircraft reliability, and regulatory compliance. Prior to Boutique Air, Cris accumulated more than a decade of experience in maintenance management functions, ranging from aircraft manufacturer Bombardier to defense contractor Sierra Nevada. Cris is a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Bryant West
Chief Pilot

Captain West oversees recruiting, hiring, training, managing, and day to day operations of the pilot group for Boutique Air, with over 135 active pilots. He has been with Boutique Air since 2014, serving as an Assistant Chief Pilot, Instructor, and Check Airmen. Mr. West has over 12 years of aviation experience and over 6 years of 135 experience. He is a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where he completed a Bachelors degree in Aviation.

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